About the Artist

At a Glance

The nature of an artist


         Susan is a Colorado artist living in Colorado Springs since 2008.  She is an oil painter who is inspired by her surroundings of mountains, high plains, prairies and abundant wildlife.  Putting paint to canvas has been a life long dream, this dream coming into focus over recent years as the opportunity to paint full time became a reality.


Susan is primarily a landscape artist.  However, her topics are limited only by her imagination.  Inspired easily by daily observations, she is as likely to paint a still life, as animals in nature, or florals from her garden.


Susan was trained in the traditional manner at both Briarcliff College, Briarcliff Manor and Florida International University, Miami,  Florida, using both the basic skills required in drawing, composition and design.


While artistic freedom is paramont to enduring works of art, Susan believes that a strong undercurrent of basic skills separates artists, one from the other.


For information on artwork call 719-351-8421